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We check your images for errors before delivery of render!

About RenderKraft

RenderKraft is an online cloud rendering service presenting artists the opportunity to book and utilize our render farm, with the option to hire additional VFX services such as frame checking, compositing and CG.


You book the farm for the day(s) you want to render and use our Maya submit plug-in to collect, upload and submit the farm jobs. No battling with other clients or complicated price formulas, with the option to have the frames checked before delivery (VFX service).

€ 749

per full day, or € 31 per hour.
Visual effects services:

Does your CG work require addional compositing or other visual effects? Together with the experienced crew at Filmgate, we offer checking of rendered images and on demand VFX services.

€ 100-200

per hour, depending on task and availability.

About render farm

RenderKraft is a render farm in the cloud using FilmHUB( for sending files and dispatching jobs.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us to get an account setup and a software download link.
  2. Download our app.
  3. Optional test; Package and send the render project to us, tell us which test frame(s) to render, so we can establish the workflow - align app/plug-in versions, textures, dependencies.
  4. Download and verify the test esult, use our online calculator to estimate the final still image/animation render time and cost.
  5. Book the farm the day(s) you plan to render.
  6. Submit the final packaged render jobs, they will render if no other user occupies the farm. When you booking is activated, your job(s) will be given highest priority.
  7. Create and pay the Paypal invoice in order to download the final images. If you have no Paypal account, credit card payments are accepted.

How many computers are in the RenderKraft farm?
Our farm is not super big, but we only take on one client at a time which means you easily can calculate the throughput and be sure of no other users suddenly trying to buy you out:



equivalent to:

80x Core i7 6(12)-core @ 24GB RAM

Which renderers are supported?
We support V-ray® for Maya®(2017,2018), MODO®, Blender®, Houdini® Mantra natively. With heads up, we can support other renderes like Arnold® for Maya®, Maxwell Render®(v3)

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*) Cinepoints; We measure render power in CinePoints, originating from the MAXXON CineBench® R15 software CPU score. To be able to relate to our power and pricing, download and run CineBench R15 here or find a hardware setup that matches yours @


- estimate render time and cost.

SPEC  (cinepoints*)
TIME  ('hh:mm:ss')

COST  (€)

About VFX service

Teaming up with the talented artists @ Filmgate Films, we offer on demand visual effects production services as a complement to our render service.

What services do we provide?

  • Frame checking; full screen review (up to 4k) of rendered frames before delivery.
  • Compositing; rotoscoping, paint-and-cleanup, keying, final compositing (Nuke).
  • Matte Painting; set extensions, still image touchups, backgrounds (Photoshop).
  • Matchmoving; 2D, 3D and object tracking (PFTrack).
  • CG; modeling, animation, simulations, shading, texturing, lighting, rendering (Maya and V-ray).
  • Online; DI, edit, grading and online.
  • Greenscreen Studio (Stockholm); 500m2 green screen studio equipped with calibrated motion control and motion capture.
  • Consulting (Gothenburg & Stockholm Area); VFX/CG/Matchmoving/DIT/Edit/Grade using Nuke/Maya/PS/PFTrack/Avid/Premiere/Resolve on-site (providing own hardware and software).

How does it work?

Filmgate have a team of experienced comp and CG artists ready to take on work, signing NDA:s when required. All file transfers are encrypted and material is automatically erased when delivered. With over 10 years/VFX performed for 100+ feature films, and a strong IT team, Filmgate has given us a fantastic opportunity to provide on-demand visual effect services to the broad public. For more information on how to post a work request, visit:

Contact RenderKraft

Feel free to email us questions regarding our services, support issues or proposals for improvements!

Telephone(8.00-17.00 CET+1): +46.707.796.690